Your visit to this website may be a small step towards a better you.

People often begin with therapy because they are unsatisfied with parts of their life, or they find themselves repeating problematic patterns. Many people experience specific symptoms that they want to alleviate; others want to achieve long standing changes in themselves,their relationships and ways they have come to think and feel. Therapy focuses on the relationship with both oneself and others, and through a process of discovery with a professional, the capacity for authenticity and expression is enhanced. Discovering the intricacies of one’s internal world creates positive change, and symptoms begin to dissipate when a person is able to gain insight, and freely express their emotions. In order to accomplish this, an environment of trust and understanding is created where emotional expression will open doors that lead to a fulfilled self and a balanced emotional world. 

You control the pace and direction of the therapy with Dr Chuck. In your first two to three meetings, Dr. Chuck will evaluate your needs.  He will suggest possible directions and a course for treatment with you in order to best balance symptom reduction and long term growth.  In other words, the course of treatment will depend on what you are experiencing and what you ultimately desire.